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The company was initially formed in November 2007 as Elink Schuurman Ceylon Private Limited as a partnership with L. Elink Schuurman Thee BV.


With the partners both coming from a work background of two reputed Dutch companies with a trading history of over 200 years each of the two companies, the objective was to use their collective strengths and the experience of over 35 years individually in the tea trade to form a partnership that would lead to the establishment of a company upholding strict moral and ethical values. It was also empowering a dedicated, young and enthusiastic staff to trade tea worldwide and build partnerships for mutual benefit with the leading tea importers in the world.


In December 2013, the company was renamed Tea-Link Colombo, with Elink Schuurman divesting its interests elsewhere. The management however has remained the same and all clients have remained with the company in addition to us expanding our client base further.

In 2014, Tea – LInk Rotterdam was also established thus providing the needed impetus to trade teas from any origin to meet our customers’ requirements.

We remain selective in choosing our clients in order to offer them the best possible service from origin and believe it is this assurance and attention to detail that has ensured our success so far.

From Sri Lanka we export in the region of 1.5 - 2 million kilos of tea annually, mostly in bulk but also a fair quantity in value added form according to our client’s specifications. With the Rotterdam operation also trading approximately 5 million kilos worldwide, the company is medium in size but serves a wide selection of the leading packers of the world. In this respect in addition to the supply of Ceylon Tea, using our close links to producers worldwide, we supply teas from Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, North and South India, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and Argentina.

As a trading company, we are not into branding but specialize in providing tailor made blends and selections to the varying needs of the customers. With no brand obligations, we as a company do not pose any threat to the leading tea packers of the world.

The team at Tea-Link has a knowledge base and a combined work experience that totals to over 100 years in the industry. Each customer’s needs are specifically looked into and the delivery of the exact quality that is needed is strictly adhered to. The blending and processing plant is fully mechanized and has all the needed accreditations that a top class Tea packer/brand demands in securing their teas.

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